Tours of Puglia

Tours of Puglia, the Sicilian Peninsula, and across Italy in general, can provide a much wider picture of Italy than a single day’s tour can. Particular local attractions are bound to stand out and highlight the many different features of the country’s rich and varied history. For those who are looking for a warm, stimulating and memorable way to spend their holiday, the wonderful cultural experience that a tour of Puglia offers is certainly a good place to start.

Located at the heel of Italy, Puglia enjoys a location that has been known to the Greeks for healing powers. The heel of Italy area offers plenty of opportunities for travelers to discover. Its most popular attraction, for example, is its beautiful beaches, which can make for wonderful day trips for beach lovers.

The area boasts stunning natural beauty and unique scenic vistas, as well as the beautiful people who live there. They are proud of their traditions and culture, and their expressions can sometimes be a little difficult to understand. However, tourists can have a wonderful time visiting the popular village of Favola, which has a spa which offers 100% natural treatments.

The region has some of the most incredible views, such as being able to see one of the most spectacular cities in the world up close – Florence. However, it also has some unique, easy to navigate local attractions. To take the example of it’s famous ancient Roman baths, which are located just a few miles from the city of Palazzo Vecchio, tourists can explore the Baroque town that is situated nearby.

A visit to the spa museum and spa itself can be a wonderfully relaxing experience. Just by way of comparison, however, there are many more exquisite examples of architecture and art in other parts of the world. The beauty of the region can be enjoyed from any perspective, and the ease of access to most attractions makes it ideal for all types of tourists.

There are many more tourist attractions to be found in Puglia, which are sure to prove very popular with tourists, especially those looking for a more natural experience. The heel of Italy area is full of examples of excellent, beautiful architecture, all of which can provide excellent inspiration. However, some of the smaller towns, like Viterbo and Santa Maria Novella, feature some very distinct architectural styles, which are probably a little harder to explain. Tourists can enjoy their stay in these towns, while exploring the fascinating history of Italy.

Another example of the unique, great architecture of Puglia, which is sure to impress any tourist, is the magnificent Ponte Vecchio. This area houses one of the most picturesque buildings in the entire region, which stands atop a very steep ramp. It was designed by the celebrated architect, Filippo Brunelleschi, and is still used today.

All in all, tours of Puglia presents a visitor with a vast choice of wonderful and varied sights and attractions. While Venice, Sicily and Tuscany are all popular destinations, the region is more diverse and provides many more opportunities to explore. Whether visitors are looking for a serene place to relax or an exciting place to spend their time, they will find something of interest in this part of Italy.